ThermoFisher EVOS FL Auto 2

ThermoFisher inverted epifluorescent microscope platform in University of Ottawa CBIA Core facility.
Microscope Specifications

Stand model

ThermoFisher FL Auto 2 (inverted)

Microscope controls

Fully automated objective nosepiece, reflector turret and condenser, focus control (z) and stage control (x, y).




  • Epifluorescence, Brightfield and phase contrast imaging.
  • Z-stack Tiling, time lapse, Live cell, autofocus
  • Various stage adaptors for slides, plates and flasks


  • 5x, 0.13 NA, Air, PL FL LWD PH
  • 10x, 0.25 NA, Air, PL FL LWD PH
  • 20x, 0.40 NA, Air, PL FL LWD PH
  • 40x, 1.3 NA, Oil, PLAN FLUORITE
  • 60x, 1.42 NA, Oil, PL APO

Light sources

LED light sources

  • Blue Ex 357/44nm, Em 447/60nm
  • Green Ex 470/22nm, Em 510/42nm
  • Red Ex 585/29nm, Em 624/40nm
  • Far Red Ex 628/40nm, Em 692/40nm


Colour and Monochrome camera


RGN 3164A

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