Zeiss LSM800 AxioObserver Z1

Zeiss LSM800 AxioObserver Z1 inverted confocal microscope platform in University of Ottawa CBIA Core facility.
Microscope Specifications

Stand model

Zeiss AxioObserverZ1 mot [inverted]

Microscope controls

  • Fully automated objective nosepiece, reflector turret and light path control
  • Fully motorized stage (x, y) and focus control (z)
  • Environmental chamber control (temperature, CO2 and humidity), on stage environmental control (temperature, CO2 and humidity).




  • Confocal optical sectioning
  • Live cell imaging
  • Multi-channel imaging
  • Timelapse
  • Z-stack
  • Tile scanning
  • FRAP, FLIP, photo-conversion


  • 10x, 0.3 NA, Air, EC Plan-Neofluar (Ph1)
  • 20x, 0.8 NA, Air, Plan-Apo
  • 40x, 1.3 NA, Oil, Plan-Apo
  • 63x, 1.4 NA, Oil, Plan-Apo

Light sources

  • X-Cite 120 mini LED
  • Transmitted LED (visualization only- BF, Ph1, Ph2,Ph3)
  • 4 laser lines: 405nm, 490nm, 561nm, 639nm


Variable Secondary Dichroic adjustable in 1nm increments 400nm-700nm to split light between Ch1 and Ch2

Ch1 Filters

  • SP 470nm
  • SP 545nm
  • SP 620nm

Ch2 Filters

  • SP 620nm
  • LP 575nm
  • LP 655nm


2 Photomultiplier Tubes


RGN 3140

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