Getting Started

The goal of the CBIA core is to help users getting high quality data efficiently.

Never hesitate to ask any question to our Microscopy specialist. From sample preparation to acquisition and image analysis we are here to help!


If you need to discuss about sample preparation, Imaging optimization or image analysis, just send an email to


We only train users on their own samples, which means that the future-user needs to have the samples ready.

No training will be offered unless the user is ready to image within a week.

In order to complete the training we require the following steps to be completed:

  1. Read and understand the policies governing the use of CBIA core facility that are posted on the website:
  2. If you do not have one, you will need to create an account on iLab (our scheduling platform)
  3. Fill out the training request form: Please note this will require you to provide us with all of your experimental details and imminent microscopy plans. If you are working under a senior trainee it may be helpful to have them nearby when completing the form.
  4. The  approval from your Supervisor (PI) will be required via email to
  5. Before your training please familiarize yourself with the basics of the technique you will be trained on Fluorescence Microscopy and/or Confocal microscopy
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