Data Management

Data can be temporarily stored on the hard drives of the microscope-associated computers, in a location designated for “CBIA Core Users”. However, these hard drives have limited space, and so file sizes are monitored.The hard disk can be cleaned up without notification. Leaving data here is at the users own risk!

All files must be transferred to the Research Drive of the laboratory or of the CBIA core, allowing a convenient access to the data from any computer on the campus. Once the files are on the R-drive, they must be deleted from the acquisition computer.

The facility is not responsible for data stored on the hard drives nor on the server.

To transfer data from CBIA platforms, users must utilize the CBIA Core Network server.

CBIA Core Network space is to be used only for the transfer/storage of microscopy image files acquired on CBIA platforms. Storage of other files or lab data is not permitted.

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