General Guidelines

  • All Principal Investigators must decide before use of systems if they would like to become a member of the CBIA Core facility. For more information read about Membership
  • iLab solutions accounts for laboratories and their users must be created before scheduling training or being given access to systems. For this we require accurate and up-to-date contact information for all members of the lab including financial administrators and trainees. For more information about booking see Scheduling and Logging
  • CBIA Core facility staff must train all users before being granted access to a new system.
    Users are not permitted to train any other users.
  • Following training, users will be granted access for only the systems they have been trained on.
    Users may not book time on systems for others.
  • In addition to booking time on iLab for systems users must log their actual use through the iLab Kiosk. If you need to cancel your session please remove your reservation from iLab no later than 1 hour before the start time of your reservation. For more information about the booking read:  Scheduling and Logging
  • Users must strictly follow the startup and shutdown procedures for all instruments.
  • All mercury lamps must be kept on for a minimum of 30 minutes and need to be cooled for 30 minutes before being reignited.
  • Users must never use a gloved hand to manipulate any CBIA equipment or wear lab coats in microscope rooms.
  • When finished, users must also clean up after themselves, and put everything back in place (immersion oil, ethanol, lens paper, stage adaptors etc.). Check the online booking calendar at the end of your session to determine if you are the last user of the day. Leave the microscope on for other users during normal working hours.
  • The facility is not responsible for data stored on these hard drives. Any images left on the computer hard-drives may be deleted without warning. For more information, visit Data Management
  • NO USB memory sticks (flash drives) are allowed on CBIA Core facility computers (including workstations).
  • Inform CBIA Core staff of any issues and report any damages encountered during your imaging session. Do not attempt to fix or alter microscopes in anyway unless you have been properly trained for this specific purpose.
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