Planning your Experiment

To collect proper data from imaging, you need to prepare ahead. Ask yourself:  

  • What is the scientific question you want to answer?
  • Where is your signal located in the cells?
  • What controls are needed to distinguish a meaningful experimental result?
  • What is the resolution you need?
  • How many dimensions? (x, y, z, t, multi-color)
  • Do you need to fix your samples or use live specimen?
  • How many fluorophores do I have to image?
  • If live imaging required, what are you expecting in terms of movements? For how long will you need to image? At what frame rate? Do you need environmental control?
  • While considering which dye or fluorescent probes to use, or how to prepare your samples check out Spectral Database resources in the useful links section of our website.
  • If you are not sure contact us to check the compatibility of your experimental design and needs with the equipment offered by the CBIA Core.

** Most objectives in the CBIA core facility are corrected to work with N 1.5 coverslips, 0.17mm thick, please check that this is what your lab has in stock before starting any experiments.

** Some systems within the CBIA Core have correction collars which allow for an adjustable long working distance, LD objectives, if you require use of these objectives, for example to image through plastic culture dishes please contact CBIA Core staff.

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