Scheduling and logging

Every laboratory and each user affiliated with it must create an account for the online reservation system iLab Scheduler before planning their training on any microscopes.

Users can book time for microscopes they have been trained on through the online iLab Scheduler.

Bookings are restricted to 4 hour-long timeslots. If you require special accommodations (ie. Live cell imaging) please contact CBIA Core staff for booking information. Each user has a bank of 9 hours of reservation time per system that they may hold at any one time.

It is expected that users are punctual for time booked. Booking rules and restrictions can also be found on the iLab webpage. 

Please create an iLab account, If you do not have one, and see CBIA Core staff to be added to our Core's webpage.

At the beginning of each session, users must sign in to the iLab kiosk to log microscope time used. The iLab kiosk link is set as the homepage of the browser linked to the desktop. Tracking of discrepancies between booked and logged time will be monitored. Reservations are marked as “no show” 30 minutes after start time if kiosk is not started. 

Any cancellations of or adjustments to reservations on the iLab system must be made >1h in advance of the original reservation start time.

Late cancellations, improper logging of reservations and "no shows" are not tolerated, and may result in the temporary loss of the access to the CBIA core equipment.

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