Training and Access

All users must show competence and responsibility in the use of the relevant CBIA Core instruments. For this reason, training is mandatory for all users. Training sessions must be requested prior to anticipated use and must be administered by CBIA personnel.


In order to start the training process we require the following steps to be completed:

  1. Read and understand the policies governing the use of CBIA core facility that are posted on the website
  2. Have your samples and be ready to image within a week after your training. Only the samples brought by the trainee will be used for the training session, to help the user getting imaging data with the proper settings right away.
  3. If you do not have one, you will need to create an account on Infinity  website (our scheduling platform).
  4. Submit a training request form on the Infinity website, under "Request Services". Please note this will require you to provide us with all of your experimental details and imminent microscopy plans. If you are working under a senior trainee it may be helpful to have them nearby when completing the form.
  5. Be aware that the approval from your Supervisor(PI) will be required.
  6. Before your training please familiarize yourself with the basics of the technique you will be trained on Fluorescence Microscopy and/or Confocal microscopy

For training only a training fee will be charged (members 35$/h non-members $50/h) A maximum of 2 lab-members may be trained per session. Training received from previous users is prohibited, and does not qualify a new user for independent access to the systems.


It is up to CBIA personnel to decide whether the user has demonstrated a thorough familiarity with the instrument to be granted unsupervised access.

Users can schedule a reservation online on the Infinity Scheduler website, only for microscopes they have been trained on.

User guide can be downloaded: infinity_user_guide_cbia.pdf (pdf, 4,434.82 KB)  

Principal Investigator user Guide can be downloaded: infinity_pi_user_guide_cbia.pdf (pdf, 5,370.01 KB)


Microscope rooms have restricted access and are locked. Access, out of the working hours, is obtained by signing out keys to respective rooms in the CBIA Core office (RGN 3171) during hours of operation. Please email to plan the pick up.

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