Facility Guidelines

  1. User must book all usage on the FCV online scheduler
  2. Usage charges are based on the amount of time logged or booked time, whichever is greater
  3. User has permission from their supervisor to use the facility and are responsible for all charges incurred
  4. No unauthorized physical adjustments are to be made to any of the instruments
  5. All users must be authorized for usage on individual instruments by the facility staff
  6. It is the user’s duty to report to the facility staff any unusual instrument behaviour as soon as it is noticed
  7. User must leave the instrument and facility in good working order which involves:
    1. Following cleaning protocol as outlined by the facility for each instrument
    2. Emptying of waste from the instruments
    3. Refill of sheath fluid
    4. Disposal of used gloves, tubes, and other trash
  8. User is responsible for damages due to negligence and misuse of instruments
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