iLab Registration

The Flow Cytometry & Virometry Core Facility at uOttawa uses iLab Solutions to streamline the process of booking instrument reservations, requisitions for services, tracking instrument usage and billing.

Instruction for Users: 

Create a username and password by registering for an account with iLab

  • This username and password will be used for online instrument booking, usage tracking on instruments, and service requests such as training (seminar & hands-on) & fee per service
  • You will receive a password within 24-48hrs of registration.  If you do not, please contact iLab:

To register for an account:

  1. Navigate to the sign-up page: iLab Solutions
  2. You will be directed to an iLab Registration page where you will need to select your PI/Lab, and verify your contact information.
  3. Please use your uOttawa or institutional email addresses for registration.
  4. Once your registration has been submitted, your PI will receive a notification that you have requested membership to their lab in iLab. They will need to approve your membership and you will receive an email once this has been completed.

Do not leave this to the last minute as your iLab username and password will be needed for everything from signing up for training, booking your time online, to turning on the instruments in the flow room!

Instructions for Principle Investigators:

Approve the requested membership of users in your lab

  • You will receive an email from iLab to confirm your registration and approval emails will follow to register the users under your supervision.
  • You will have to approve the amount which each user can spend – you can set a maximum spending cap for each user.
  • Users will not be able to make any bookings or log on to use any instruments without your approval.
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