All potential users who are interested in running their own samples are required to go through training by University of Ottawa FCV Core Facility staff prior to receiving access to the facility. Our training seminar course in flow cytometry can also be provided to FCV Core Facility non-users. However, hands-on training on our instruments is only provided to FCV facility users.

All new users must first complete our training seminar provided each term and score a minimum grade of 75% on the evaluation quiz before proceeding to hands-on sessions on the cytometer.  Users with prior flow cytometry experience, please contact the core facility.

How to Sign Up for Training:

  • Intro to Flow Cytometry Seminar:
    • Register under the REQUEST SERVICES tab on our iLab site. 
    • Upcoming seminar dates are posted there
    • All new users are required to take this course
  • Hands-On Training:
    • You must request this service on iLab
    • Complete the online evaluation quiz located under Hands-On Equipment Training Request.  You must score 75% or higher to proceed to hands-on training on our instruments.  Please complete submit this quiz and notify the core facility of the submission.  The core facility will be in contact with you to schedule the hands-on training session.
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