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Booking Policies

Analyzers (LSR Fortessa, Celesta, Cytoflex)

There is a 2.5-hour booking limit between the hours of 9am to 5pm on weekdays.  FCF staff reserve the right to delete bookings that are not in accordance to the above guidelines. 

Analysis Workstation (Kaluza1.5 & FlowJo VX)

Located in 4206, facility users have free access to the analysis software on this workstation.  Labs that are located at RGN can also have access to Kaluza software through a wired connection on their own computers.  To install Kaluza please follow the instructions located on the network (R) drive under Flow Cytometry Users> Common> Kaluza> Kaluza 1.5.pdf.  We ask that you book time on the Scheduler under Kaluza-Workstation. 

Fee-Per-Service & Sort Appointments

  1. Sort/analysis appointments can be booked no less than 24 hours in advance.   
  2. Cell sorting appointments may be a minimum of one hour and a maximum of seven hours in length and must include a minimum of 15 minutes of set-up time plus 15 minutes of cleaning. Sorts requiring special set-up conditions may require longer minimum booking times. This can be arranged at the discretion of the operator.
  3. Users are billed minimally for the time booked online and any additional time used. This means if the user arrives 30 mins late for an appointment, they will be charged for the 30 mins on top of the actual sort/analysis time used.  Users may be permitted to exceed their scheduled appointment time if the instrument has not been booked by someone else and will be charged the normal rate for the extra time used.
  4. Emergency appointments:

We provide a limited number of emergency appointments for after-hours which are dependent on operator availability. Examples of an emergency scenario include samples that have to be processed immediately (e.g. patient samples, samples from moribund animals) and for which advanced booking is not feasible.

Emergency appointments can be booked no more than 48 hours in advance and will generally be booked from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (earlier starts are possible where scheduling permits). In most cases we can accommodate only one emergency appointment per day. To book an emergency appointment, please contact the facility manager by email.

  1. Cancellations:

Appointments may be cancelled no less than 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends/holidays) without penalty and can be done so online. In order to allow other users an opportunity to book a time slot for cell sorting, users who wish to cancel their appointments should send an email to inform the operator.Users who do not show up for their appointments without contacting the facility to cancel will be billed for their appointments.

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