About Us

Welcome to the Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility (LPHCF)

We are a full-service histology laboratory available to faculty, researchers, clinicians and students. The primary mission of the HCF is to provide efficient, high quality and cost-effective histological services for both animal and human tissue. HCF services include paraffin processing and embedding, paraffin and frozen sectioning as well as routine and special histological staining.

The LPHCF laboratory is equipped with:
  • A Leica Bond III Immunostainer to provide automated immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization and immunofluorescence staining
  • Automated tissue processors for paraffin processing
  • Automated microtomes for paraffin sectioning
  • Automated stainer that can be programmed to provide a wide variety of routine and special stains
  • Cryostats for sectioning frozen tissue
  • Automated Tissue Microarray (TMA) Grand Master for creation of TMA paraffin blocks

The LPHCF can also perform manual chromogenic or fluorescent staining (single or multi-color labelling) on frozen and paraffin sections.  We also provide full service slide scanning using the newly acquired Axio Scan.Z1 for Brightfield or Fluorescent stained slides at either 20X or 40X magnification.

Experienced personnel in the LPHCF are available for consultation on project/protocol design, technical assistance and training on facility instruments. The Infinity software system is used for all of our histological services and instrument training. 

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