Digital Whole Slide Scanning

Digital Whole Slide Scanning

The Core Facility has recently acquired the Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 Slide Scanner which provides high quality, reproducible images using Zeiss' superior optics. Its features include:

  • Brightfield capabilities (i.e.H&E, IHC, and Special Stains)
  • Fluorescent capabilities (Fluorescent filters include DAPI, FITC, DsRed, Cy5 and Cy7)
  • High resolution scanning using either a 20X or 40X objective
  • Capable of scanning up to 100 slides

Please note the scanner uses the Zen software. Click here to download Zenlite to view your images.

How do I submit my slides for scanning?

All slide scan requests must be done through Infinity (Idea Elan), our online management system. Please bring a USB key or hard drive when dropping off the slides for scanning.

How do I prepare my slides for scanning?
  • For fluorescent scanning of slides with multiple sections, please circle each section with a sharpie before dropping off the slides for scanning
  • Slides should be dry and free of excess mounting media
  • Any broken or chipped slides will not be scanned
  • Slides with air bubbles or dried out mounting media must be re-coverslipped before scanning
  • Poorly stained slides or slides without a counterstain will not be of standard quality and may be rejected by the scanner
  • We do not accept slides with stickers on the labels
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