PCIC Equipment

Equipment of Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Facility

The Preclinical Imaging Core (PCIC) facility houses equipment providing a range of applications for structural and functional imaging in live small rodents as well as ex vivo and in vitro studies. Whether you need a high-resolution image, real-time image, or simple location and quantification, you can find it at PCIC. This guide for choosing the right imaging modality can help you select the right technique for your needs. The PCIC team would be happy to meet you to advise you if you require. 

PCIC houses an ultrasound (VEVO 2100) for real-time imaging, optical imager (IVIS Spectrum) for fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging, and MRI (7T GE/Agilent MR901) for high-resolution soft tissue imaging. We also offer X-ray irradiator (X-RAD 320) and currently housing a demo intravital microscope IVM-MS2 by IVIM Technology. 

The PCIC staff are happy to help answer relevant methodological questions and provide training and expertise on the available equipment. 

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