Mass Spectrometer

General guide

For in-gel samples, we recommend Coomassie blue over silver for gel staining. Make sure that a mass spectrometry compatible staining protocol or kit is used if you have to use silver staining..

If you choose to perform your own in-gel digest, be sure to use high quality tubes as well as high quality reagents in order to avoid contamination. Be sure to follow the protocol in order to ensure samples are free of salts which will interfere with peptide identification.

Please provide us with as much detail regarding your samples as possible. This will enable us to process/handle your samples in the best manner possible.

Samples are typically processed in 2 weeks. Instrument maintenance or holidays may lead to a delay in processing.

Results are generally filtered using a FDR of 1% at the peptide level, unless otherwise stated. Results will be sent via the email provided. For in-gel digest, the Mascot search links are also provided.

We do not accept samples containing radioactivity. Please advise us of any particular details pertaining to your samples, for example whether they emit an odor.

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