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In-gel digestion


In-solution digestion


Desalting by SPE column


SCX fractionation into 5


MS analysis on Orbitrap Elite or Q-Exactive (including wash and loading time, usually 30min)


MS analysis on Exploris 480 (including wash and loading time, usually 30min) $100/hr

Database search (Maxquant), primary analysis and data storage for 1 year


Digestion with other enzymes, like GluC, Chymotrypsin, ArgC and LysC, have the same price as trypsin digestion.

Customers may customize their packages and modify parameters such as gradient length, number of fractions, and the MS platform to accommodate their budgets. Prices will be adjusted based on the item prices above and in consultation with the PRC.


There is a 5% discount for more than 20 samples.

University of Ottawa members receives an automatic 10% discount.

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