How the TEM Core Facility can support your research

  • TEM capable of imaging any tissue (properly embedded and ultrathin-sectioned)
  • Spatial resolution down to few nanometers (e.g. magnifications ranging from 1,000x to ~100,000x at 60 kv)
  • In-house expertise available to help you plan and execute your imaging goals
  • Protocols in place for tissue fixation and immune-EM labeling
  • Strategic Location on the second floor of Roger Guindon Hall, between the General Campus and CHEO
  • Time slots readily available during the day
  • Competitive academic rates at 50$/hour for instrument usage and image acquisition time (80$/hour for external users).

Applications (some examples)

  • Cellular ultrastructure
  • Organelle remodeling
  • Synaptic density, architecture
  • Membrane biology, endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear pores
  • Mitochondrial fusion, fission
  • Autophagosome analysis
  • Blood-brain barrier integrity
  • Vesicular trafficking
  • Etc.
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