Transgenic Core

The mouse is a powerful mammalian biological model system due in large part to our ability to manipulate the murine genome. Indeed, transgenic and embryonic stem cell (ES cell) strategies can now be used to effect the introduction of precise, preplanned, genetic alterations of essentially any nature in the mouse genome. This allows for the precise modeling of many human disorders as well as the generation of exquisite biological models for any number of research objectives.

Transgenic and ES cell-based murine models are de rigor in many areas of the biological sciences and ready access to this technology is essential to a robust and competitive research program. The Transgenic Mouse Core Facility strives to provide open access services to support these methodologies, with a mandate to deliver transgenic and ES cell based mouse models for the University of Ottawa and associated research institutes. The facility will also provide ancillary methodologies, including embryo and sperm cryopreservation, mouse lines recovery and rederivation, for more efficient management of resources.

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