Body Bequeathal Program

Tombstone in a graveyard

Many people wish to make a unique contribution to the advancement of medicine by the bequeathal of their bodies for medical education and research. In recognition of this noble desire, The Trillium Gift of Life Network Act (1990), formerly entitled The Human Tissue Gift Act (1971), allows for such bequeathals at the time of death, provided there is no objection by the next-of-kin or executor.

Persons who donate their bodies to the Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy and their families may be assured that all human remains are accorded the dignity and respect that our society customarily grants to the deceased. The entire medical and health sciences community at the University of Ottawa - professors, students and researchers - is fully aware of the special privilege granted to them by law, and honour the obligation to conduct themselves in a professional manner during their anatomical studies. The donated materials are treated, at all times, with well-deserved respect and dignity.

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