Message from the director

Dr. Jalali

Welcome to the Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy. Human anatomy is a core content of every medical school curriculum and the foundation for basic clinical examination, medical imaging and surgery. The Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy is our nation’s capital’s primary resource for expertise in anatomical sciences education and research. Our faculty members teach anatomy passionately while emphasizing the important core clinical competencies. For instance, the first encounter with the cadaver is seen as a great way to teach professionalism by emphasizing a clear code of conduct in the anatomy laboratory, teaching students to respect and to interact with the donor’s body and other students professionally at all times.

Anatomy teaching is also used as an introduction to the humanities in medicine. The rich tradition embodied by the history of anatomical sciences can be taught as a component of the history of medicine. Our small group teaching sessions in the anatomy lab are a stimulating way to educate students about collaborative learning and improve their communication skills while they learn human anatomy. Our energetic staff has been involved with many scholarly activities, leading to numerous publications and presentations, with their main research interests revolving around anatomical sciences education and innovation in medical education. The Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy at the University of Ottawa aspires to develop and promote teaching, research and leadership in anatomical sciences education.

Dr. A. Jalali, M.D.


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