Funding Opportunities

Geza and Caroline Hetenyi Memorial Studentship $6000

Dr. Hetenyi

Dr. Hetenyi

The Hetenyi Studentship offers an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Health Sciences an opportunity to conduct a project of original research on some aspect of the history of health care or health sciences, which can be completed during the three months of the summer recess. Students should select a supervisor for their project who is knowledgeable in the chosen topic and approved by the administrative committee. Potential supervisors include faculty members (MD, RN, or PhD), the Hannah Chair, a professor or PhD candidate in the History Department, or an archivist or librarian. Winners of the studentship will produce a written report at the end of the research period and are strongly encouraged to present their findings at Meredith Marks Day and History of Medicine Days at the University of Calgary. Students can apply via uOzone.

AMS Postdoctoral Fellowship $45,000

 The Associated Medical Services (AMS) Postdoctoral Fellowships provide emerging scholars with funding to complete work already started on projects related to the history of health care, disease, medicine, or the education of health professionals, or to begin a new project in the field. Interested candidates can visit the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation website for more information.

Hannah Summer Studentship $5,500

These summer studentships are funded by AMS and administered in partnership with the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine. Undergraduate students and medical students registered at Canadian universities may apply to receive support for a closely supervised research project on the history of medicine. For more details, please visit the Canadian Society of the History of Medicine’s website.

Additional Funding

For more funding opportunities in the history of medicine, can be found on the AMS website.

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