e-Learning Modules

The online self-learning modules in Medicine and the Humanities address subjects such as philosophy, ethics, history, art, and literature, as well as their relationship to medical practice. Written by specialists in medical and human sciences, their purpose is to offer knowledge and a support for reflection in order to help students and health care professionals develop their own vision of illness and care into a bio-psycho-social perspective sustained by broader knowledge.

The online learning format offers content that is stimulating at any level of learning (retention, understanding, application, analysis and assessment). The information presented, as well as the formative activities proposed, facilitate an initial integrated reflection on a complex subject. It should already help students in their clinical practice and improve their vision of medicine. The MMH can also be used in a hybrid format, with preparatory reading, followed by class discussions.

You can access the modules in Medicine and the Humanities by registering and obtaining a password; you can also use your ID if you are affiliated to the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine.

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