Dr. Francis Bakewell MD MHSc FRCPC


Dr. Francis Bakewell MD MHSc FRCPC
Clinician Investigator, OHRI and Associate Professor

Room: 850 PMC - 102N
Email: fbakewell@toh.ca


Dr. Bakewell is an emergency physician at the Ottawa Hospital, Clinician Investigator at OHRI, and Assistant Professor and Director of the Medicine, Ethics, and Humanities program through the Department of Innovation in Medical Education at the University of Ottawa. His educational background includes undergraduate study in the medical humanities as well as graduate studies in bioethics at the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bakewell is a passionate believer in the importance of teaching ethics and the humanities in medical education in order to foster creativity, compassion, and critical thinking in all aspects of medical care.

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