Dr. Marguerite Roy Ph.D


Dr. Marguerite Roy Ph.D

Email: mroy@mcc.ca


Marguerite Roy completed her PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in applied cognitive science at McGill University followed by a post doc at the Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh. She continued at LRDC for 6 years as a research associate where she collaborated on projects related to understanding the role of interactive dialogue in learning through collaborative problem solving with other students, as well as with human and computer tutors. In 2009 she joined the Medical Council of Canada where she is currently working as a Medical Education Researcher on projects related to assessing physicians in practice.  Dr. Roy’s research interests include workplace-based assessment, the roles of quantitative and qualitative data as feedback and as assessment, assessment across the continuum, and learning as assessment. She currently serves at the Chair of the Canadian Conference on Medical Education Abstract selection committee.

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