Medical education funding opportunities

Medical education funding opportunities



Max Amount


AERA Research Grants

$20,000 for 1-year
$35,000 for 2-year


Banting Research Foundation

Banting Research Foundation Grant

(if <$60,000 /yr total grants)


Janus Research Grants

$5,000 (novice) $10,000 (experienced)


Patient Engagement Projects (PEP) Initiatives



Operating Grant

No max for 2 to 5 yrs


New Investigator Salary Award

$60,000/yr for 5 yr


Collaborative Health Research Projects(with NSERC)

No max up to 3 yrs


DIME Healthcare Education Grant (formerly AIME Medical Education Grant)



Funds for Research in Clinical Assessment


Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Health System Research Fund

$7.5M over 3 years

Ministry of Research & Innovation

Early Researcher Award(matching funds required)



Medical Education Research Grant



Strategic Request for Proposals: Mission-aligned Research in Competency-based Medical Education



Royal College/Associate Medical Services CanMEDS Research and Development Grant



Robert Maudsley Fellowship for Studies in Medical Education



Ontario Simulation Network

$10,000 and $25,000


Philip Manning Research Grant in Continuing Medical Education (awarded every 2 years)



Insight Grants

$7,000 - $500,000


Insight Development Grants



Partnership Development Grants

$75K - $200K

Sick Kids Foundation

New Investigator Research Grants

$100,000/yr up to 3 yrs.

Spencer Foundation

Teaching, Learning and Instructional Resources



Dr. Meridith Marks Educator Awards for Innovation and Scholarship in Medical Education



Research Development Program



Teaching and Learning Grants Program



Development of Interdisciplinary Initiatives


Awards and Submission Deadlines






Award for Outstanding Contribution to Faculty Development in Canada

Outstanding contribution to faculty development in Canada

Any AFMC rep, through Dean's office, or CAME member may submit nomination. Nomination must be co-sponsored by 3 members from either association. Include CV and clear statement of nominee's achievements in faculty development.

Young Educators Award

Within first 7 years as faculty member who has produced change within university or medical community. Candidates with MD or graduate degrees only.

Maximum of 2 nominations put forward by dean of each faculty of medicine in Canada. Nomination must include supporting CV.

John Ruedy Award for Innovation in Medical Education

Individual/group who has developed innovative print materials, electronic learning aids or other teaching aids

Any AFMC rep, through Dean's office, or CAME member may submit nomination. At least two nominators and Dean needed. 1 copy of: joint letter of recommendation signed by co-nominators or separate letters that include clear statement of nominee's achievements; supporting letter from dean; full CV.

May Cohen Gender Equity Award

Outstanding effort or achievement of individual(s), program(s), department(s) or faculty in improving gender equity environment in academic medicine in Canada

Dean of each Canadian faculty of medicine may submit up to two nominations. Maximum 1000 word overview of activity and outcomes, and demonstrate how the effort improved gender equity environment; if necessary, up to 3 supporting documents may be included

Alliance for CME

Award for Outstanding Educational Collaboration

Submitted by Alliance member. At least one primary individual involved in developing activity must be Alliance member and listed as nominee. Activity must have been completed between January 1, 2010 and July 1, 2011.

Identification of related ACCME Criteria and Alliance Competencies, verification that nominees represent organizations referenced. Completed nomination application.


Miriam Friedman Ben-David Award

Significant contribution to teaching in short time (less than five years’ experience as educator)

Anyone can nominate. One-page description of background and contribution, and short CV


Darlene Buczak Award for Innovations in Medical Education and Training

Submit an abstract describing a successful innovative educational method you have implemented in your training program that has proven to have a positive outcome

Submission for; Conflict of Interest form (on website)


Philip J. Wolfson Outstanding Teacher Award

ASE Member; Teacher/Educator of med students, residents or faculty; Winner of Outstanding Teacher Award ineligible for 3 years after winning

Solicited by ASE President annually; nominations made by department chair; candidates nominated for either outstanding teacher or distinguished educator (not both); Teaching Portfolio is same for both awards

ASE Distinguished Educator

ASE Member; Teacher/Educator of med students, residents or faculty; Winners of Distinguished Educator Award may win only once

Solicited by ASE President annually; nominations made by department chair; candidates nominated for either outstanding teacher or distinguished educator (not both); Teaching Portfolio is same for both awards, however, nominees for distinguished educator should have considerably more national prominence as an educator, including publications


Dr. Joseph Mikhael CAIR Award for Medical Education in Canada

Residents in Canadian programs; Other physicians, including program directors and educators; Any other individual(s), programs or organizations associated with medical education in Canada
Award Criteria

Nomination may be submitted by any CAIR member, provincial house staff organizations, or organizations associated with CAIR; include description of nominee (2-page max); letter(s) of support from individuals/organizations familiar with nominee’s activities; CV


Ian Hart Award for Distinguished Contribution to Medical Education


For CAME members by CAME members. Members currently serving on CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors or CAME Awards Committee not eligible.

2 nomination letters, one from within nominee's institution, one external; letter of support from person to whom nominee reports; complete CV

Meridith Marks New Educator Award

For CAME members by CAME members. Members currently serving on CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors or CAME Awards Committee not eligible.

Letter of nomination that addresses selection criteria (see website).
Nominee's complete CV

Certificate of Merit Award

All contributors to medical education in each school are eligible (undergraduate, postgraduate, CME). Recipients need not be members of CAME.

Local CAME representative sets up committee and mechanism for identification and selection of candidates from their institution; local CAME representative submits short description of selection mechanism and submits name(s) of award winners together with short summary (less than one page) of educational activities supporting nomination.


Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award

Family medicine teacher deemed by peers to have made significant contribution to family medicine education

Nominations invited from CFPC Section of Teachers; nomination forms sent to Chairs and Program Directors at each University Department of Family Medicine

Donald I. Rice Award

CFPC family physician member with outstanding contributions to teaching, vision and leadership in the discipline of family medicine.

Nominations invited from CFPC members.

Family Medicine Researcher of the Year Award

Family medicine researcher, CFPC member, who has made original contributions to research and knowledge building for family medicine in Canada

Nomination form on website

CFPC Lifetime Achievement Awards in Family Medicine Research

Senior Members of the CFPC, i.e. 65 years of age or older

Nomination form on website


Medal of Honour

Person who is NOT a member of the medical profession; contributions to medical research, medical education, health care organization and health education of the public; service to people of Canada in raising the standards of health care delivery

Nomination form, detailed letter of nomination, two letters of support, nominee’s CV





Outstanding Achievement Award

Individual or group who demonstrates outstanding achievement in evaluation of clinical and professional competence in health professions

Letter of support from primary sponsor with 3 other letters of support; copies of three published papers or other documents that best exemplify individual’s contributions to field, including clinical, educational and professional competence; nominee’s CV


Capital Educators' Award

Educator with classroom teaching responsibilities, currently employed by partner institutions in Ottawa

Descriptive nomination


Duncan Graham Award

Outstanding lifelong contribution to medical education

Nominations come from the Deans of Canadian faculties of medicine.


Alan Blizzard Award

Groups of two or more individuals, at least one must be teaching at a Canadian university

Applications, in French or English, should include the following five (5) sections:
1) Names, affiliations, and academic status of all team members, full contact details for one team member and high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) colour picture of team, with names.
2) 300 word max. statement of precise nature and features of collaboration among team members
3) 500 word max. abstract of project for publicity
4) 5,000 word max. project description paper (incl. bibliography), for distribution, describing the project organized as follows: Institutional Context, Goals of the Project,Project Description, Impact on Student Learning, Future Developments, Bibliography.
5) 10 page max. supporting documentation in PDF.

Chris Knapper Award

Contributions to teaching, learning and educational development in Canadian higher education

Call for nominations circulated to all STLHE members, posted to STLHE and IDO listservs, and included in February issue of STLHE newsletter


Distinguished University Professor

Regular tenured faculty or, exceptionally, particularly active clinical professors

Open (not self) nomination; proposal signed by 6 profs from at least 2 academic units; 2 - 5 external letters of recommendation; nominee CV; short description of nominee’s contribution

Excellence in Education Prizes

Demonstrate outstanding teaching while maintaining solid research program

2 - 4 page statement of nomination; CV; all teaching evaluations from past 5 years; up to 5 letters of endorsement; plans for use of prize funds

Excellence in Research Award

Important, exceptional research work

Contact Office of the Vice-President, Research

Excellence in Teaching Award

Outstanding contributions to university teaching; tenured or tenure-track

Open nomination; any relevant evidence may be submitted. Should include: (a) opinions of students/former students, (b) peer evaluations, and (c) department chairs and departmental teaching personnel committee recommendations

Interdisciplinary Research Award


2+ uOttawa researchers collaborating in interdisciplinary research projects, demonstrating research excellence and impact

Contact Office of the Vice-President, Research

Young Researcher Award

Outstanding research contributions; hold full-time tenure-track position @ uOttawa or regular position in affiliated institute

Contact Office of the Vice-President, Research

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