Quality Improvement Unit

The DEM QI Unit was co-founded by Dr. Edmund Kwok and Dr. Lisa Calder in 2015, an innovative endeavor to explicitly promote the department’s mission of becoming a world leader in academic emergency medicine by supporting high quality care through robust QI methodologies. We provide guidance and support for both staff and resident physicians on undertaking QI projects, as well as working closely with hospital partners in continuously improving processes of care. Examples of quality and patient safety issues we are tackling include handovers, M&M rounds, outpatient follow-up care, and quality assurance processes.


Vision - To become an academic leader in providing world-class patient-centered care through explicit and continuous quality improvement.

Mission - To implement targeted quality improvement in Emergency Medicine that:

  • focuses on impactful initiatives in alignment with corporate strategy
  • utilizes formal & rigorous QI methodologies
  • involves inter-professional collaboration
  • promotes shared learning through academic dissemination


Program Director: Dr. Edmund Kwok
Administrative Support: QI Coordinator: Glenda Clapham Tel: 613-798-5555 ext.18569

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