Skills and Simulation

- Female resident is intubating a mannequin while male staff physician provides feedback.

The Department of Emergency Medicine offers an exciting simulation program at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing medical educational level. We have a new state-of-the-art University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Center. This center is the largest in Canada and one of the largest in North America.

The objectives of the simulation program are to:

  • Increase patient safety by allowing trainees to practice procedural skills and critical care patient management in a safe learning environment
  • Allow trainees to enhance their medical expertise, leadership and communication skills by learning and applying the fundamentals of Crisis Resource Management
  • Enhance trainee learning by providing formative feedback using video review

The curriculum of the simulation program includes weekly sessions in high-fidelity simulation. The goal of the sessions is to allow trainees to become proficient in common resuscitative skills, and to practice clinically infrequent but important procedural skills. Trainees will also develop their leadership skills through the use of debriefing, video review, and learn to apply the principles of Crisis Resource Management.

The simulation program offers an innovative interdisciplinary simulation program that will enhance trainee leadership skills.

The simulation program also provides opportunities for postgraduate trainees to become instructors in simulation-based education.

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