Dr. Richard Dionne MD, CCFP-EM


Dr. Richard Dionne MD, CCFP-EM
Director of EMS Rotation and Associate Professor


Richard Dionne


Dr Dionne is an Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine. Started his career at the University of Sherbrooke, then University of Iowa USA, and has been at the Ottawa Hospital - University of Ottawa since 2001. As been an EMS Associate Medical Director since 2003 with the Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario. He is also an ACLS Medical Director , ATLS & PALS instructor and actively involved in Resuscitation Care Advances both in Prehospital and In-Hospital. Some of his projects include the introduction and coordination of the Regional Prehospital STEMI Field activation protocol within Ottawa and the Champlain LHIN, the development of an EMS & Disaster Medicine Fellowship at the University of Ottawa, which he is currently the Fellowship Director. Also the coordination of the only Canadian EMS month core rotation integrated in the Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Ottawa.

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