Dr. James Gilbertson


Dr. James Gilbertson


Medical School

University of Alberta (2020)


Emergency Medicine (RCPSC)

Personal Interests

  • Coffee
  • Outdoors (trail runs, cycling, hiking)
  • Squash (the sport not the vegetable)

Personal philosophy or quote

“Our lives change in two ways: through the people we meet and the books we read” – Harvey Mackay

Publications you would like shown

  • Gilbertson, J., Moghrabi, R., Kirkland, S., Tate, K., Sevcik, W., Lam, N., Villa-Roel, C., & Rowe, B. (2019). Interventions to improve emergency department related transitions in care for adult patients with atrial fibrillation and flutter. The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 57(4), 501-516. doi:10.1016/j.jemermed.2019.06.002
  • Deschamps, J., Gilbertson, J., Straube, S., Dong, K., MacMaster, F., Korownyk, C., . . . Rewa, O. (2019). Association between harm reduction strategies and healthcare utilization in patients on long-term prescribed opioid therapy presenting to acute healthcare settings: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis. Systematic Reviews, 8(88), 1-8. doi:10.1186/s13643-019-0997-5
  • McLay, K., Gilbertson, J., Pogliaghi, S., Paterson, D., & Murias, J. (2016). Vascular responsiveness measured by tissue oxygen saturation reperfusion slope is sensitive to different occlusion durations and training status. Experimental Physiology, 101(10), 1309-1318. doi:10.1113/EP085843

Fields of Interest

  • Medical Education
  • Point of Care Ultrasound
  • Sports Medicine
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