Dr. Nour Khatib MD, CCFP - Graduated in 2018


Dr. Nour Khatib MD, CCFP - Graduated in 2018


Medical School

2015 – McGill University

MBA in Finance – John Molson School of Business

Work Experience

Former financial analyst for aviation engineering firm Pratt & Whitney Canada


Family Medicine  - University of Toronto

Personal Interests/Personal philosophy or quote

Interests: Voiceover (British), Aviation/Cessna planes, kickboxing, managing own stocks on TSX.

Quote: If opportunity does not knock, perhaps you should build a door

Publications you would like shown

  • Khatib, N., & Boulet, J. (2014). Asymptomatic for 58 years: Rare case of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. CMAJ cmaj.140552; published November 3, 2014

Fields of Interest

  • Administration
  • Simulation
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