Dr. Edmund Kwok MD, FRCPC


Dr. Edmund Kwok MD, FRCPC
Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety and Assistant Professor


Dr. Edmund Kwok


Medical School

Queen’s University 2006


Royal College Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa


  • Kwok ESH. Inadequacy of current morbidity and mortality review activities: evolution of a time-honored tradition needed. (Invited Editorial) Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety 2017;43(1):3-4
  • Kwok ESH, Calder LA, Barlow-Krelina E, Mackie C, Seely AJE, Cwinn AA, Worthington JR, Frank JR. Implementation of a structured hospital-wide morbidity and mortality rounds model. BMJ Qual Saf 2016; online first: doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2016-005459
  • Mondoux SE, Frank JR, Kwok ESH, et al. Teaching M&M rounds skills: enhancing and assessing patient safety competencies using the Ottawa M&M model. Postgrad Med J 2016; 0:1-5
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  • Konnyu KJ, Kwok ES, Skidmore B, Moher D. The effectiveness and safety of emergency department short stay units: a rapid review. Open Medicine 2012;6(1): 10-16
  • Kwok ES, Howes D.Use of methylene blue in sepsis: a systematic review. J Intensive Care Med 2006; 21:359-363
  • Kwok ES.The human genome: a brief history and its impact on medical practice. Queen’s Health Sciences Journal 2003; 7(1):12-15
  • Kwok ES, Sawatzky B, Birch P, Friedman JM, Tredwell SJ.  Vertebral scalloping in neurofibromatosis type 1: a quantitative approach. Can J Surg 2002 Jun; 45(3):181-4



Professor/Teacher of the Year
Master of Health Administration (MHA) program
Telfer School of Management
University of Ottawa
Ottawa ON, Canada


Top 10 Resident Research Abstracts
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Annual Conference
Calgary AB, Canada

Fields of Interest

  • Quality Improvement
  • Patient Safety
  • Process Evaluation
  • ED Crowding
  • Patient Flow
  • Healthcare Administration
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