Organizational Ethos

Sanando docemus | We teach to heal 

Our Mission

  • We explore, we learn, we care;
  • We develop society’s leaders who improve the health of Canadians and communities worldwide;
  • We recognize and respond to community needs through a lens of social accountability;
  • We do this through the integration of education, research, patient care and technology in an inclusive environment, in both official languages. 

Our Vision

  • To serve our mission; research and education;
  • To identify future initiatives and actively participate in the ongoing development of the Faculty;
  • To serve society through professionalism, accountability and transparency;
  • Producing new knowledge through research, training and innovation.

Our Values

  • We teach to heal;
  • Advocate for physicians and patients;
  • Continued commitment to professional development.


The only bilingual medical faculty in Canada, we are committed to excellence in education and health research, and are attuned to the needs of the communities we serve – from local to global.

Positioning Statement

The Faculty of Medicine is a world-ranking research-intensive institution that is leading the way in the internationalization of Canadian medical education.

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