Congratulations to our CIHR Project Grant recipients

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Well done to all of our members on their recent success!

Congratulations to all of our members of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine and its affiliated institutes on their recent success with their CIHR Project Grant funding.

CIHR funds innovative health research for the benefit of all Canadians, and the Faculty of Medicine continues to shine in its enviable position as a leading research-intensive institution.

Well done to the following research groups on behalf of the entire Faculty!

  • Isabelle Catelas (PI); Mary-Ellen Harper, Subash Sad. Identification of molecular mechanisms involved in the biological response to implant wear and corrosion
  • Jocelyn Côté (PI); Bernard J. Jasmin. Investigating the RNA-binding protein HuD and CARM1 as novel therapeutic targets for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Deshayne B. Fell, Shelly Bolotin and Natasha S. Crowcroft (PIs); Anne Biringer, Jocelynn L. Cook, Vinita Dubey, Scott A. Halperin, Steven Hawken, Frances B. Jamieson, Jeffrey C. Kwong, Manish Sadarangani, Mark C. Walker, Kumanan Wilson. Impact of maternal pertussis immunization on pregnancy outcome and child health
  • Glen P. Kenny, Pierre Boulay, Janine C. Malcolm, Andrew J. Seely, Ronald J. Sigal (PIs); Lucie Brosseau, Sean R. Notley. Understanding and managing the limits of physiological tolerance in heat vulnerable individuals during rest and physical activity
  • Robert G. Korneluk (PI); Shawn T. Beug, Eric Lacasse. Combined IAP antagonism and immunotherapy for cancer treatment
  • Langlois, Marc-Andre (PI); Haddad, Elie; Pelchat, Martin. Uncovering the Unexpected Role of APOBEC3 Mutagenesis in HIV-1 Latency
  • Clare E. Liddy, Sara Ahmed, David N. Buckley, Alexander G. Singer and Regina Visca (PIs); Christine Bibeau, Mylaine Breton, Lynn K. Cooper, Jocelyn Decoste, Maxine Dumas Pilon, France Dumont, Roland M. Grad, Pablo M. Ingelmo, Laurie Ireland, Erin J. Keely, Philip A. Lundrigan, Anne Lyddiatt, Kim Morrison, Véronique Nabelsi, Patricia A. Poulin, Garry Salisbury, Yoram Shir. Improving Access to Specialist Care through eConsult for Patients Living with Chronic Pain
  • Alexander E. Mackenzie and Bernard J. Jasmin (PIs); Stephen Baird, Aymeric Ravel-Chapuis. Pharmacologic and RNAi Screens for Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 foci modulators; towards Novel DM1 therapeutic approaches
  • Lauralyn A. Mcintyre, Dean A. Fergusson and Monica Taljaard (PIs); Deborah J. Cook, Shane W. English, Alan J. Forster, Alison E. Fox-Robichaud, Ian D. Graham, Steven Hawken, John C. Marshall, Claudio M. Martin, Colin J. Mccartney, Kusum Menon, John Muscedere, Raphael Saginur, Andrew J. Seely, Ian G. Stiell, Kednapa Thavorn, Charles E. Weijer. Crystalloid FLUID Choices for Resuscitation of Hospitalized Patients: A Pragmatic Comparative Effectiveness Trial (FLUID)
  • James D. Mcnally (PI); Karin Amrein, Philip Britz-Mckibbin, Megan L. Carey, Karen Choong, Dean A. Fergusson, Patricia S. Fontela, Jennifer Foster, Gonzalo Garcia Guerra, Pavel Geier, Elaine Gilfoyle, Anna C. Gunz, Philippe A. Jouvet, Margaret L. Lawson, Lauralyn A. Mcintyre, Kusum Menon, Srinivas Murthy, Timothy O. Ramsay, Hope A. Weiler. Rapid correction of vitamin D deficiency in pediatric critical illness: A phase III multicentre randomized controlled trial
  • Kusum Menon (PI); Anand Acharya, Michael Agus, Karen Choong, James D. Mcnally, Timothy O. Ramsay, Hector Wong, Jerry J. Zimmerman. Stress Hydrocortisone in Pediatric Septic Shock (The SHIPSS trial)
  • Sanjay K Murthy and Dean A Fergusson (PIs); Charles N. Bernstein, Jairath Vipul, Geoffrey C. Nguyen, Robert H. Riddell. A Randomized, Parallel-Group, Open Label, Non-Inferiority, Pragmatic Trial Comparing Random AND Targeted Biopsies to Targeted Biopsies Alone for Neoplasia Detection During Screening Colonoscopy in Adult Persons with Colonic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Pilot Study
  • John P. Pezacki (PI); Ragunath Singaravelu. The antiviral function of a highly conserved miRNA cluster
  • John P. Pezacki (PI). Exosomal microRNAs and other cargo for therapeutic antiviral treatment
  • David J. Picketts (PI). Defining the role of the chromatin modifying protein PHF6 during normal and pathological cognitive development
  • Heather E. Tulloch and Paul S Greenman (PIs); Susan Johnson, Lisa M. Mielniczuk, Andrew L. Pipe, Jennifer L. Reed, Louise Sun, Giorgio Tasca. Healing Hearts Together: Evaluating a couples-based intervention to improve health outcomes
  • Vivian A. Welch (PI); Amy T. Hsu, Jeffrey W. Jutai, Zack Marshall, Jennifer Petkovic, Lisa M. Sheehy, Heidi Sveistrup, Peter Tanuseputro. Reducing gender inequalities in ageing
  • Deborah L. Zimmerman and Rita Suri (PIs); Catherine M. Clase, Jennifer Harris, Charmaine E. Lok, Louise M. Moist, Timothy O. Ramsay, Robert D. Reid. A Simple Exercise Program for Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease to Improve Strength and Quality of Life: a Feasibility Study

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