Faculty of Medicine in the Media: August 2018

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Here is a highlight of where our faculty members, learners and alumni have appeared in the news this month.

Week of August 22 – 31

How to protect yourself when travelling to a measles outbreak area (Global News)
Dr. Kumanan Wilson, Faculty of Medicine, comments on how to protect yourself when travelling to a measles outbreak area.

Week of August 15 – 21

Weak Handgrip Strength Linked to Heart Risks (eMedicine Health)
Dr. Mark Tremblay, Faculty of Medicine, talks about weak handgrip strength in children and adolescents.

Week of August 08 – 14

Running man: In less than a year, MS patient goes from barely crawling to running a marathon (Ottawa Citizen)
Mark Freedman, Faculty of Medicine, helped pioneer a life changing treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Estrogen may protect against depression after heart attack (Science Daily)
Research from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Brain and Mind Institute suggests that people with heart failure -- including those who survive heart attacks -- are two to three times more likely to suffer from depression than the general population. 

How to raise a reader (Today's Parent)
Dr. Alyson Shaw, Faculty of Medicine, talks about developing good reading habits in children.

Police get rape kits in small percentage of cases (Reuters UK)
Dr. Katherine Muldoon, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa, is the lead author of a study that found that a small percentage of assaulted women release their rape kit evidence to police.

Week of August 01 – 07

Shocking surge in bankers in their TWENTIES suffering heart attacks as gruelling work conditions and drug use take their toll, doctors warn (Daily Mail)
This article mentions that researchers from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute looked at 90,707 patients who had been diagnosed with heart failure between 2009 and 2014.

Signs warning of ticks carrying Lyme disease posted on walking paths by DND (feltonbusinessnews.com)
Dr. Manisha Kulkarni, Faculty of Medicine, will soon release new research on the percentage of ticks in the Ottawa area carrying Lyme disease.

Aug 6, Coke's Opinion About Obesity and Calories (Benefits of Honey)
This article mentions Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, Faculty of Medicine, for criticizing The Global Energy Balance Network's transparency about research funding.

Can a calculator predict your risk of heart attack and stroke? (Environmental News Network)
Dr. Doug Manuel, Faculty of Medicine, has launched an online calculator to predict chances of cardiovascular disease within the next five years.

New health calculator could show individual life expectancy (KING 5 Seattle)
University of Ottawa researchers collected data to develop the Cardiovascular Disease Population Risk Tool, an algorithm that predicts the age of the heart and risk of dying from cardiovascular disease within the next five years.

Polar explorer Natalia Rybczynski still adjusting to new normal after 2011 concussion (Ottawa Citizen)
This article mentions the Concussion Injury Group at the University of Ottawa Brain Institute.

Woman's obituary casts spotlight on medical profession's 'fat shaming' (CTV News Vancouver Island)
Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, Faculty of Medicine, talks about obesity biases in the medical field. Michael Orsini, Faculty of Social Sciences, comments on evidence that shows people avoid medical assistance due to anxiety over weight shaming.

Join a Poster Walk (Clincial Laboratory News)
Dr. Christopher McCudden, Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, is leading the walk for the AACC Informatics Division this year.

Media Reports of Celeb Suicides May Trigger 'Copycat' Tragedies (MedicineNet.com)
Dr. Ian Colman, Associate Professor in the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, wrote an article in CMAJ on a new study which examined how media chose to report cases of suicide, and the association between the details of the report and deaths by suicide.

I'm a Fitness App Addict but I Know They Sabotage My Workouts (The Epoch Times)
Blog by Dr. Sarah Giles, Voluntary clinical lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, on fitness apps.

French Media

Semaine du 15 – 21 août

La qualité de l'air pire à Vancouver qu'à Pékin (Radio-Canada)
Dr Éric Lavigne, Faculté de médecine, discute de la qualité de l'air à Vancouver.

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