Imagine: Survival and Regeneration

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2016

An image of imagination and discovery

Dr. Ruth Slack and her team of researchers imagine a world where brain tissue, once injured, has a better chance of survival — and is even capable of regenerating.

Dr. Slack and her team are working to identify strategies for treating acute brain injury and neurodegenerative disease. Their hope is that by finding new ways to activate precursors of neurons and enhance the production of new neurons, as well as to promote the survival of existing neurons, suffering can be reduced for those affected by brain injury and disease.

Dr. Slack’s research falls under the umbrella of the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI), Ottawa’s largest collection of basic researchers and clinician scientists focused on brain and mind related health.

Dr. Slack is just one more researcher at the uOBMRI working to unlock the healing power of the brain. We invite you to come and celebrate with the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine at our 4th annual Gala – Abracadabra: A Night of Magic & Medicine, where we focus on the uOBMRI and its vast team of world-class researchers.

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