Introducing Dr. Ari Breiner, the Éric Poulin Centre for Neuromuscular Disease Chair in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Clinical Research

Dr. Ari Breiner, an assistant professor in uOttawa’s Department of Medicine and an attending neurologist at The Ottawa Hospital has been awarded the Éric Poulin Centre for Neuromuscular Disease (CNMD) Chair in ALS Clinical Research. The chair was developed with the help of generous donor Margo Brousseau, through the Éric Poulin University of Ottawa Centre for Neuromuscular Disease Fund.

Dr. Breiner has already made significant contributions to ALS care, having introduced multi-centre clinical trials in ALS to the Ottawa area, thereby allowing patients to have access to novel therapies locally. In his role as chair, Dr. Breiner plans to expand existing collaborations with uOttawa basic scientists, allowing patients to donate biospecimens for research into the basic mechanisms of the disease, and for the development of new treatments. He has also begun to explore the role of neuromuscular imaging studies in the diagnosis and management of the disease. He aims to train national experts in ALS clinical research and develop the CNMD into a national leader in the field.

Dr. Ari Breiner


Margo Brousseau and Dr. Éric Poulin



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