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Posted on Monday, September 19, 2022

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By Tiffany Barnes-Huggins
Marketing and Communications Officer

As we welcome learners to the new academic year, we know that each year brings new challenges and opportunities. To help you navigate your experience, we’ve identified some key activities that can keep you motivated and engaged throughout the school year.

Since this will be the first in-person term in over two years, please remember to follow the university’s guidelines and recommendations on how to engage safely on campus. Remember: Masks are still required indoors at university facilities on the Alta Vista campus, including Roger Guindon Hall (RGN), 600 Peter Morand and 850 Peter Morand. Masks will continue to be made available at these locations. Two-meter distancing where possible continues to be recommended.

Getting involved online and on campus

Join one of uOttawa’s registered clubs - there are over 360 to choose from. Connect with your peers on topics such as mental health and wellness, culture, dance, sports, politics, philanthropy and more.

“School is back in-person, and clubs will be even better! Clubs are an amazing opportunity to connect with your peers that share similar interests. Not only will you have the benefit of engaging in an activity that you enjoy, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network and gain meaningful skills that you can apply to your life post-grad,” says Meeka Jean-Baptiste, External Affairs Supervisor at Campus Vibez uOttawa (CVUO). “I have been a part of many organizations on campus, notably the Caribbean Student Association, and it’s helped me find my place, my people, and the best food here in Ottawa. So give it a try; you'll never know what will happen.”

For clubs geared towards specific medical specialties, check out the list of special interest groups and community interest groups offered by the Aesculapian Society of uOttawa. These include groups focused on Indigenous health interests, medical diversity awareness and global health, to name a few.

  • Groups like the South Asian Women’s Voices in Healthcare seeks to bring South Asian women into medicine, while fostering a sense of community between those already in medicine, as well as patients within the healthcare system.
  • The Psychiatry and Mental Health Interest Group provides seminars and community outreach initiatives that aim to increase student awareness regarding mental illness in different patient populations and break down stigma around these illnesses.
  • The French Learning Interest Group helps learners to practice French through activities and games to expand their French vocabulary and through conversation circles.

As VP Executive of the Aesculapian Society, Anit Bhattacharyya has benefited greatly from his experience in student groups on campus. “‘Early in medical school I wondered why we never talked about how to start a practice. Or how do we actually bill for our work? Nobody ever discussed the logistics behind medicine till I joined the Finance in Medicine Interest Group,” says Anit Bhattacharyya,“There I met a handful of physicians answering these burning questions. Even better, I’ve met countless others in various stages of their medical training, many of which I would have likely never met before, all with the same questions as me. Through interest groups I’ve met many close friends who make the roller coaster of medical school a thrilling ride”.

Keep up with the latest events happening in the Faculty of Medicine by bookmarking our Events page. The events hosted by the Faculty are a great opportunity to connect with your peers and with medical professionals working in your field. They are also excellent networking activities that can help boost your professional career. You can also check out a comprehensive list of events taking place all across campus here.

Staying healthy and active during the school year

Maintaining a high quality of health and well-being is key to ensuring an effective school-life balance. The university provides dedicated support and activities to help you with this. Check out the Student Health and Wellness Centre to gain access to services such as counselling, sexual health, and peer support and for educational resources to help you along your wellness journey.

Visit the new Wellness Lounge where you can meet with peers, take a break from studying and connect with peer educators that are there to listen or chat with you about your concerns.

If sports are your thing, you can register for a variety of intramural leagues offered by the university. Choose from a number of team sports including soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and hockey, among others. You can choose to join competitive or recreational teams in order to tailor your intramural experience to your needs.

Make this school year a memorable one by trying any of the activities we’ve shared! 

Consider supporting the University of Ottawa
The Student Assistance Fund at the Faculty of Medicine provides financial support to all students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine

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Students pose for a picture in the Faculty of Medicine. Photo credit : Fred Chartrand

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Meeka Jean-Baptiste, External Affairs Supervisor at Campus Vibez uOttawa (CVUO)

A person smiles while posing for a picture.

Anit Bhattacharyya, VP Executive of the Aesculapian Society


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