Nominations are now open for the Faculty of Medicine COVID-19 Recognition Program

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We want to hear your stories of colleagues in the Faculty going above and beyond to help others adapt to a changing world during the COVID-19 pandemic!

In an effort to recognize our learners, faculty members and support staff during this unprecedented and challenging time, the Faculty of Medicine has created a recognition program to show its appreciation for their dedication, productivity and inspiration. The recognition program is divided into two streams (below) and we welcome nominations for both streams and for all groups (learners, faculty members and support staff), including individuals and teams.

Stream 1: Exceptional achievements in productivity/operations

  • Overview: To recognize individuals and/or teams that were able to produce significant results while facing roadblocks and unknowns. It may include projects completed in a very short timeframe – processes that would normally have taken weeks or months reduced to days or few weeks to ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis. It will also highlight how they were able to develop creative solutions and continue providing great service to their customers (internal or external).

Stream 2: Outstanding humanitarian efforts

  • Overview: To recognize those competencies most valued during a crisis, such as commitment, resiliency, compassion, integrity and resolve. It will honour individuals and/or teams who have positively impacted the lives of their coworkers during the isolation period of COVID-19. This would highlight the humanity that FoM team members have shown towards each other.

In order to submit a story/nomination, please provide us with the names of the nominees, their email address and a brief description (250-500 words) of their efforts, and send it to  The submission deadline is August 31, 2020.

Submitted stories may be featured in Faculty communications and the text may be edited or used verbatim. Certain stories may be selected for formal awards to be featured in an awards ceremony.

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