Now and Zen: Lower prenatal stress reduces risk of behavioural issues in kids

A man stands behind his pregnant wife.

“Generally speaking, we found that the higher the stress, the higher the symptoms.”

– Dr. Ian Colman

Parenting is a complicated journey full of questions, and when a beloved child begins to show signs of a behavioural disorder, a parent’s challenges become even more difficult to navigate.

Expectant mothers may want to consider adopting today’s trend towards stress management, in light of new research from the University of Ottawa pointing to its ability to lower the risk of problematic behaviour in their offspring.

Read the full news release.

For more information, read the study in Biological Psychiatry.

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Main photo credit: Kelly Sikkema

Dr. Ian Colman standing in a library.

Dr. Ian Colman and his team have found that mothers who experience significant prenatal stress may be increasing their child’s risk for behavioural issues.


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