Pop a virtual cork for the Faculty Awards of Excellence!

curtain with face and congratulations
By Kate Jaimet
Senior Writer

The venue was virtual and the Prosecco was pixelated, but the honours were real at the Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence ceremony Tuesday, December 15. 

Hosted on the virtual reality platform The Echo, the awards ceremony paid tribute to 25 laureates notable for their outstanding achievements in the areas of research, academic publication, education, mentorship, engagement, la francophonie, and global health.

The Faculty Awards of Excellence ceremony was followed by two shorter ceremonies, one to recognize the winners of the 2020 Research Day awards; and one to pay tribute to individuals and teams for their exceptional efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a pre-recorded video address, Dean Bernard Jasmin praised the hard work of learners, faculty, staff and alumni in persevering through the many struggles brought about by COVID-19.

“Through our teamwork and commitment, our Faculty has demonstrated steadfast leadership in adapting all our programs and research activities to the new environment. We have made sure to uphold important safety measures, while maintaining the best possible learning and working environment,” Dr. Jasmin said. 

The awards night marked the final event in the Faculty’s 75th anniversary celebrations. Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, Dr. Jasmin reiterated the Faculty’s commitment to fostering greater inclusion, recognition, equality, diversity, wellness and social accountability. 

“We are also focused on our future in research and development by expanding upon projects in medical artificial intelligence, Indigenous health, a future school of pharmacy — Une école des sciences pharmaceutiques — and a new Advanced Medical Research Centre,” he said. 

Following his speech, the dean handed over the virtual mic to Dr. Ali Jalali, interim assistant dean, External Relations, Engagement and Advancement. Appearing in avatar form, Dr. Jalali announced the award winners and led the cyber-audience in several rounds of applause for the honourees. 

The winners of the 2020 Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence are:

Researcher of the Year
Biomedical: Dr. Katey Rayner
Clinical: Dr. Rebecca Auer
Public Health and Epidemiology: Dr. Melissa Brouwers
Innovation and Education: Dr. Doug Archibald and Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto
Early-career Researcher of the Year
Biomedical: Dr. Carolina Ilkow
Clinical: Dr. Luke Lavallée 
Public Health and Epidemiology: Dr. Jodi Edwards
Innovation and Education: Dr. Kori LaDonna
Publication of the Year
Biomedical: Dr. Baptiste Lacoste
Clinical: Dr. Ian Stiell
Public Health and Epidemiology: Dr. Peter Tanuseputro
Innovation and Education: Dr. Sylvain Boet
Educator of the Year
Preclerkship: Dr. Christopher Tran
Clerkship/Residency/Fellowship/Continuing Education: Dr. James Watterson
Basic Sciences: Dr. Lisa D’Ambrosio
Mentor of the Year
Clinical: Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi
Basic Sciences: Dr. Bernard Thébaud 
Outstanding Service Award: Dr. Phil Wells
Award for Leadership in Wellness: Dr. Kay Anne Haykal
Award for Leadership in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Dr. Nedra Lander 
Social Accountability Award: Dr. Simone Dahrouge
Professionalism Award: Dr. Alykhan Abdulla
Internationalization and Global Health
Internationalization and Global Health Award: Dr. Nicole Rouvinez-Bouali 
Prix pour la promotion de la Francophonie: Dr. Marie-Hélène Chomienne



Researchers of the Year: (top) Dr. Katey Rayner, Dr. Melissa Brouwers; (bottom) Dr. Rebecca Auer, Dr. Doug Archibald and Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto 

four laureates

Early Career Researchers of the Year: (top) Dr. Jodi Edwards, Dr. Kori LaDonna; (bottom) Dr. Carolina Ilkow, Dr. Luke Lavallée

four faces

Publications of the Year: (top) Dr. Ian Stiell, Dr. Baptiste Lacoste; (bottom) Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, Dr. Sylvain Boet

three faces

Educators of the Year: Dr. James Watterson, Dr. Christopher Tran, Dr. Lisa D’Ambrosio


two faces

Mentors of the Year: Dr. Bernard Thébaud, Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi

four faces

Engagement Awards: (top) Dr. Kay Anne Haykal, Dr. Simone Dahrouge; (bottom) Dr. Alykhan Abdulla, Dr. Phil Wells

four laureates

Awards for Internationalization and Global Health Dr. Nicole Rouvinez-Bouali; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Nedra Lander; and Promotion of la francophonie Dr. Marie-Hélène Chomienne.


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