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Posted on Monday, October 4, 2021

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By Michelle Read

The Faculty of Medicine community gathered virtually on October 2 to celebrate its outstanding achievements at the 2021 Awards and Recognition Gala, part of this year’s Homecoming.

Faculty members, staff, learners, donors and alumni came together online in support of the Faculty’s vision of leading innovation for a healthier world. Through its excellence in teaching and research, as exemplified by this year’s award winners, the Faculty continues along its journey of ranking among the top medical schools in the world.

Pre-gala, guests socialized with fellow virtual attendees at random, before MC Dr. Alireza Jalali took to the virtual stage to welcome everyone back after the Faculty’s “Summer of Kindness.”

“With the long-lasting pandemic, everyone deserved a break,” said Dr. Jalali, associate dean of external relations, engagement and advancement. He explained that the chance to recharge was in line with the Faculty’s prioritization of wellness for all.

Dean Bernard Jasmin continued at the virtual mic with his own words of welcome.

“Homecoming is a unique opportunity to unite the past with the present, and to celebrate excellence and our belonging to the great family of the Faculty of Medicine,” he remarked.

The festivities began by recognizing the contributions of some of the longstanding chairs and vice-deans whose leadership terms came to an end this year. Dr. Jalali presided over the presentation of the Outstanding Leadership Certificates.

“Aligned with our planetary health initiative, a tree has been planted in the name of each individual,” he said.

Before getting to the awards component of the event, the dean shared updates on several of the Faculty’s initiatives, including L’école des sciences pharmaceutiques and the Centre for Innovative Medical Education. He explained that the Faculty has been extremely active in program creation and revitalization, citing numerous laudatory comments from Central uOttawa.

“All of our academic programs [are] continuously shining in accreditation cycles,” he said. “A big thank-you to all who ensure that our learners receive a world-class education.”

Next, events turned to honouring the many accomplished individuals being recognized. The Faculty’s prestigious annual honours included the Alumni Awards of Distinction, the Awards of Excellence, and the Research Day Awards. (See right for a list of recipients.) All award winners will have a tree planted in their honour.

Between awards categories, the dean presented an update on research at the Faculty, pointing to its growing investment in its current areas of priority as well as its simultaneous commitment to emerging priorities.

“We continue to generate 50 to 60% of all research revenues received by uOttawa, making us by far the most research-intensive faculty at the University,” he said, also noting that the Faculty is now home to and leading a pan-Canadian, CIHR-funded network to track COVID-19 variants.

The dean later outlined growing priorities designed to strengthen the Faculty’s commitment to social accountability; equity, diversity and inclusion; and wellness.

Following the awards and recognition component, Dean Jasmin described two new initiatives of the Faculty, those of planetary health as well as the Centre for Indigenous Health Research and Education.

The gala officially over, the networking salons opened their virtual doors, a special chance for anniversary alumni classes to reconnect with attendees who graduated with them.

The dean earlier acknowledged the importance of giving all exceptional individuals across the Faculty a time to shine in addition to those honoured at the gala.

“Our talented and dedicated staff, residents, students and postdoctoral fellows are vital to the success of the Faculty,” he stressed. “This is why there will be additional awards programs and recognition events throughout the academic year.”

See you at next year’s gala!


View a recording of this year's gala.

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Bernard Jasmin and Alireza Jalali having fun hosting the 2021 gala awards

Dean Bernard Jasmin (left) and Dr. Alireza Jalali were enthusiastic hosts of the 2021 Awards and Recognition Gala on Saturday, October 2.

Winners celebrated at the 2021 Awards and Recognition Gala:

Alumni Awards of Distinction:

Exceptional Leadership Award: 
Dr. Ali Azizi (‘06) and Dr. Lyne Pitre (MD ’86) 

Rising Star Achievement Award: 
Dr. Michael E. Fraser (’06) and Dr. Jennifer A. Watt (MD ’11) 

Lifetime Achievement Award: 
Dr. Khosrow Adeli (‘86) and Dr. Noni E. MacDonald (MD ’75) 

Read more about the winners and their road to success.

Awards of Excellence: 

Researcher of the Year – Biomedical: 
Dr. Marc-André Langlois (BMI) 

Researcher of the Yea– Clinical: 
Dr. Mark Clemons (Med) 

Researcher of the Year – Public Health and Epidemiology: 
Dr. Beth Potter (SEPH)  

Researcher of the Year – Innovation and Education: 
Dr. Meghan McConnell (DIME) 

Early-career Research of the Year – Biomedical: 
Dr. Mireille Ouimet (BMI)  

Early-career Research of the Year – Clinical:
Dr. Peter Tanuseputro (Med)   

Early-career Research of the Year – Public Health and Epidemiology: 
Dr. Amy Hsu (Fam Med) 

Early-career Research of the Year – Innovation and Education: 
Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal (Fam Med) 

Publication of Year – Biomedical: 
Dr. Simon Chen (CMM)  

Publication of Year – Clinical: 
Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki/Dr. Lisa Caulley (Oto) and Dr. Benjamin Hibbert (Med) 

Publication of Year – Public Health and Epidemiology: 
Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput (Peds) 

Publication of Year – Innovation and Education: 
Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto (Med) 

Educator of the Year – Preclerkship: 
Dr. Chris Ramnanan (DIME) 

Educator of the Year – Clerkship/Residency/Fellowship/Continuing Education: 
Dr. Carlos Torres (Rad)  

Educator of the Year – Basic Sciences: 
Dr. Keith Wheaton (BMI)  

Mentor of the Year – Clinical: 
Dr. Christiane Kuntz (Fam Med)  

Mentor of the Year – Basic Sciences: 
Dr. Adam Rudner (BMI)  

Outstanding Service Award (Faculty):
Dr. Jean Seely (Rad) 

Award for Leadership in Wellness (Faculty):
Dr. Tim Lau (Psy)  

Award for Leadership in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (Faculty): 
Dr. Vivian Welch (SEPH) 

Social Accountability Award (Faculty): 
Dr. Lynne Leonard (SEPH) 

Professionalism Award (Faculty): 
Dr. Giuseppe Pagliarello (Surg)  

International and Global Health Award (Faculty): 
Dr. Marie-Hélène Chomienne (Fam Med)  

Prix pour la promotion de la Francophonie : 
Dr. Marjorie Pomerleau (Fam Med) 


Research Day Awards:

Best Talk | Symposium A
Faizan Khan, Graduate Student

Best Talk | Symposium B
Trina Nguyen, Translational and Molecular Medicine

Best Postdoctoral Poster 2021
Shelley Vanderhout

Best Resident Poster 2021
Stéphanie Mercier

Best PhD Candidate Poster 2021
Dallas Nygard

Best Master’s Student Poster 2021
Kyle Tomaro

Best MD/PhD Student Poster 2021
Patricia Burhunduli

Best Undergraduate Medical Student Poster 2021
MengQi Zhang

Best Translational and Molecular Medicine Poster 2021
Stephanie Bogdan

Congratulations to all!

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