Synchronized Careers

Posted on Friday, December 2, 2016

Photo of Sarah and Audrey Giles

From left: Sarah and Audrey Giles, both “crazy dog lovers.” Audrey started the pet therapy program at uOttawa. Photo: Rohit Saxena

The striking similarities between fraternal twins Audrey and Sarah Giles aren’t just skin deep — both have embarked on humanitarian career paths dedicated to improving health in Canada’s north and abroad.

Audrey Giles, a professor at uOttawa’s School of Human Kinetics in the Faculty of Health Sciences, has developed culturally appropriate water and boat safety programs to help reduce drownings in Canada’s north. Her twin sister, Sarah Giles, a voluntary clinical lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, is providing medical care to refugees on board the MV Aquarius in the Mediterranean.


Read the full story in the uOttawa Tabaret.

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