Tips for using Teams as you work from home

Posted on Monday, April 27, 2020

Virtual networking

Many faculty and support staff at the Faculty of Medicine have begun to use the Microsoft Teams online collaboration tool—if not because of the COVID-19 pandemic, then simply to adapt to this era of remote working. If you have yet to explore this hub for virtual communication, the perks and tips listed below may help you on your way.

Get started on Teams, if you have not already, by referring to Medtech’s Microsoft Teams + OneDrive Road Map.

Easily stay connected with individuals and groups using written messages, video and voice calls, document sharing and brainstorming during a meeting via the Whiteboard feature.

Enjoy continual updates and new features as Microsoft continues to build on Teams’ functionality. Refer to this MS support site for updates on Teams. Recent announcements hint at a background noise suppression feature, the ability to raise a virtual hand during a meeting and an off-line mode for reading and drafting messages.1

Recognize colleagues’ efforts and successes, not only by sharing genuine words of congratulations and appreciation, but also by sending badges using the Praise feature, easily accessible in the chat toolbar.

Keep your content secure as content on Teams remains on University of Ottawa tenant.

Have fun. Teams doesn’t have to be all business. Use the built-in emoji, sticker and GIF graphics to liven up chats. Most groups are receptive to the occasional joke or funny animal video, too, but be sure to use these extras appropriately.

Become a Teams pro with videos and courses on Teams. Access courses and tutorials on Teams through:

Host or join Teams events such as team huddles, social lunches, and mentoring or coaching sessions. Be on the lookout for educational webinars, wellness sessions, and other events hosted by various groups. Use the Faculty of Medicine events calendar to find virtual events or to share your own.

Be creative! Explore and experiment with the features of Teams—you may find a new tip or trick that could help your team work better together! Feel free to share your best tips with us here.


If you have any questions about Teams, please contact Medtech using their online Get Help tool.




Yoga stance in front of a laptop during a virtual yoga session

Training, teaching, and mentoring can be adapted and achieved through Teams.

Yoga stance in front of a laptop during a virtual yoga session

The Faculty of Medicine community can benefit from exercise sessions available via Teams! Check the Events page for details.


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