Top five ways to give

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine building

Would you like to support the Faculty of Medicine? There are many ways you can give, whether through a one-time donation, a legacy gift, the creation of a scholarship or a gift-in-kind.

1. Make a one-time or reoccurring donation.

You can direct your gift of any size to support Faculty of Medicine’s Greatest Needs or Student Financial Assistance at the Faculty of Medicine

Whether it is a one-time or monthly gift, your donation helps to ensure that the Faculty of Medicine continues to provide our learners with experiences that launch a lifetime of success.

No matter what amount you give, all gifts make a significant impact.

2. Participate in class giving.

Through organized reunions and anniversary events at the Faculty of Medicine, alumni classes have the opportunity to give back to the Faculty of Medicine through the creation of a Class Gift Fund.

Class contributions assist with expanding educational programming, advancing clinical research and supporting students with financial difficulties. Over the years, alumni class gifts have created scholarships and awards for students at the Faculty of Medicine.

3. Choose the Body Donation Program’s Anatomy Memorial Trust Fund.

uOttawa Faculty of Medicine appreciates contributions toward anatomical education and research, which assist us in ongoing improvements in our anatomy program.

An existing trust fund has been established to facilitate donations, which can also be made in memory of your loved one.

For additional information on procedures for body donation, please contact the Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy at 1-888-221-2993 or by email

4. Corporate giving

uOttawa Faculty of Medicine seeks partnerships with private sector organizations to help enhance research and educational programming, and to enrich the student experience.

At uOttawa, companies can direct their support to a faculty, department or special project, such as: a) event sponsorship and community building; b) research funding; and c) education and skills training.

Companies can also create matching gifts programs for our employees.

5. Offer a gift-in-kind.

Gifts-in-kind are gifts of property other than cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. They may include gifts of supplies, equipment, books or artwork. Please note that gifts-in-kind are accepted at the discretion of the University of Ottawa, depending upon whether the gift contributes to the mission of the University.

If your gift is accepted, you will receive a tax-creditable receipt for its fair market value, determined through an appraisal process.

Other ways to give:

Bequests and Planned Giving: Leave a legacy donation or plan your charitable donations in advance, allowing you to achieve your philanthropic goals while maximizing tax benefits and other financial advantages.

Gift of Securities: Donate securities directly to the University to avoid paying the capital gains tax on your investments. Current legislation in Canada allows you to donate publicly traded securities, mutual funds and bonds to registered charities without having to pay capital gains tax. To avoid paying capital gains tax, the securities must be transferred directly to the University and not cashed first.

Gifts of Retirement Plans: You may wish to consider donating all or a part of your retirement plan. Assets remaining in retirement plans and earmarked for charitable donation are still included in your taxable estate, but are fully deductible from it as charitable donations.

Gift of Life Insurance: A gift of life insurance can have a far greater impact than you might think. A relatively small effort today may one day bring considerable help to the University of Ottawa. There are several ways of making a gift through life insurance.

Gift of Canadian Charitable Remainder Trusts: With a charitable remainder trust, you can make a significant donation of capital assets, which are held by a bank or trust company, and from which you continue to receive the income. You will receive an immediate charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes for the current value of the assets. On death, the assets are transferred to the University of Ottawa to support University priorities that correspond to your interests

If you have any questions about donating to uOttawa Faculty of Medicine or need help choosing how to direct your gift, please call Elaine Hamelin-Mitchell at 613-562-5800 ext. 8707 or send an email to




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