Two faculty members awarded Canada Research Chairs

The exterior of Roger Guindon Hall.

New Chairs include Mireille Khacho and Maxime Rousseau; and William Stanford has been renewed.

The University of Ottawa has been awarded three new Canada Research Chairs (CRC) that will expand the scope of research in the fields of health and the environment. Two of the three are members of the Faculty of Medicine:

Mireille Khacho – Canada Research Chair in Mitochondrial Dynamics and Regenerative Medicine

Mireille Khacho aims to understand the mechanisms by which mitochondria — structures found in cells which produce energy — control muscle stem cell longevity. In an effort to restore the regenerative potential of muscle in degenerative disorders and aging, she will create therapeutic strategies to change mitochondrial dynamics and function in stem cells.

Maxime Rousseaux – Canada Research Chair in Personalized Genomics of Neurodegeneration

Neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), impose a devastating medical, emotional and economic burden on Canadians. Maxime Rousseaux’s research will help the medical community and patients with these debilitating diseases by defining the functional significance of genetic variants that are currently not well understood.

The University is also proud to announce the renewal of three CRCs that will strengthen the University’s expertise in these fields. One of the three is from the Faculty of Medicine:

William Stanford – Canada Research Chair in Integrative Stem Cell Biology

William Stanford uses systems biology to analyze stem cell and cancer biology and to develop new therapies based on precision medicine. His research aims to find biomarkers to monitor and diagnose disease and could lead to new therapies to treat a variety of conditions, including cancer.

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Photo of Dr. Mireille Khacho; Dr. Maxime Rousseau; Dr. William Stanford.

L-r: Dr. Mireille Khacho; Dr. Maxime Rousseau; Dr. William Stanford.


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