uOMedTalks: Quarterly Summary from the Executive Leadership Team

Photo of the Faculty of Medicine’s Executive Leadership Team.

Dear colleagues,

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone enjoyed a restful and joyous holiday season, and that 2018 has gotten off to a good start.

To ensure you are kept up to date on what is happening at The Faculty of Medicine (FoM), I invite you to read this second issue of quarterly highlights from your Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

ELT Highlights: October – December 2017

  • Departmental Tour: I, together with members of your ELT, visited clinical and basic science departments throughout the fall. I have enjoyed meeting many of you and hearing about what you think is working well and what needs improvement. It is important we keep the dialogue alive and ongoing. Along those lines, we are planning additional visits in the next few weeks, as well as visits to affiliated hospitals/research institutes.
  • Strategic Direction: This fall the ELT drafted a status report to help communicate to all Faculty stakeholders recent progress across our educational programs and research initiatives, including proposed strategic priorities for 2018 and beyond. The report will be broadly distributed in early 2018, and is intended to solicit feedback from everyone in the Faculty (learners, staff and faculty members) in order to collectively define strategic directions.   
  • Leadership Announcement: The ELT nominated Dr. Sharon Whiting, formerly the vice-dean of Health and Hospital Services, to the role of interim vice-dean of Faculty Affairs. This is a new position, created by joining her former portfolio with that of Professional Affairs.
  • UGME Accreditation: UGME accreditation is around the corner, and we all have an important role to play in ensuring we do well. Mock interviews occurred in November to prepare for the real review, taking place from April 12 to 15. The reviewers for the mock accreditation indicated that we have a great school with outstanding learners and committed teachers, but that we also need some improvement in certain areas. Since then, the Faculty has worked hard to address the identified issues and to submit all necessary documentation.
  • Task Force on Internationalization: The Terms of Reference have been approved by all department chairs for the new Task Force on Internationalization. The Task Force’s work will lead the Faculty in defining its own strategy in terms of internal partnerships and global health. Read more about the group's mandate in this MedPoint article.
  • Portfolio Review: As part of the budgetary and strategic directions process, the ELT continues to review FoM office portfolios. 
  • Budget: While the Faculty has successfully adjusted its budget by $3.5 million to account for the reductions required of all of uOttawa’s faculties, the University is projecting further shortfalls for the next few years. Ongoing planning is occurring within central administration including implementing the new budget requirements of the provincial government. We expect to have more details of how this will affect our Faculty by the end of February 2018, and will react accordingly.
  • Revenue Generation Proposals: As part of our overall strategic planning, and with a view to our fiscal health, we are reviewing several revenue generation ideas. In each of our education streams there may be opportunities to increase our census and thus our revenues. Each vice-dean will explore the specifics for their portfolio. As well, we are exploring partnership training opportunities with entities such as the Department of National Defence and country of Kuwait. Dr. Alain Stintzi, vice-dean of Graduate Studies, has a revenue-sharing proposal before uO’s central admin committee that, if approved, would greatly facilitate our researchers in supervising more graduate students.
  • Pairing Program: In order to promote translational research at all levels of the Faculty, the ELT has devised joint symposia and other collaborative initiatives to bring together our various TMM, medical and graduate students, as well as residents and postdoctoral fellows.

A Festive Thank-You to FoM Staff

On December 15 the ELT welcomed all staff to celebrate the important role they played in realizing the Faculty’s 2017 accomplishments. The luncheon was held off-site and featured a celebratory toast followed by a hearty meal, magical entertainment and much collegial mingling. Those staff celebrating service anniversary years were recognized with certificates and group photos with the dean, as well as the chance to select a gift in honour of their dedication to the success of our Faculty.

We’re Listening…

Do you have feedback to help improve your Faculty of Medicine? You can reach me and the Executive Leadership Team anytime by emailing us at infomed@uOttawa.ca.

I look forward to sharing with you again in our next issue of uOMedTalks – look for it in MedPoint at the end of April!

Bernard Jasmin, PhD
Interim Dean, Faculty of Medicine
University of Ottawa

Photo of Dr. Bernard Jasmin, Interim Dean at the Faculty of Medicine


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