Welcome Orientation: Bringing together all learners at the Faculty of Medicine

Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Orientation 2019

“From here, you will all be armed with knowledge, skills, and a level of professionalism that will position you to be model physicians, scientists and citizens.”

-- Dr. Bernard Jasmin, Dean of Medicine

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine welcomed its new students, residents and fellows on Tuesday, September 3 at a joint orientation session held at Roger Guindon Hall.

Learners from Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME), Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the Bachelor of Translational and Molecular Medicine program and the Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine had the opportunity to get to know each other.

“You are about to begin an incredible journey that will not only impact your life, but the lives of others through your research, education and patient care,” said Dr. Bernard Jasmin, Dean of Medicine.

Dr. Jasmin spoke about the strength of student experience at the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine and what he calls the three “e’s”: excitement, excellence and engagement.

“From here, you will all be armed with knowledge, skills, and a level of professionalism that will position you to be model physicians, scientists and citizens,” said Dr. Jasmin.

Learners also received words of advice from the Faculty’s leadership members: Dr. Melissa Forgie (Vice-Dean, UGME), Dr. Alain Stintzi (Vice-Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies), Dr. Alan Chaput (Assistant Dean, PGME), Dr. Manon Denis-Leblanc (Vice-Dean, Francophone Affairs), and Dr. Jean-Francois Couture (Director of Translational and Molecular Medicine).

Dr. Forgie commended the interdisciplinary collaboration of research, basic science, clinical, graduate and undergraduate programs at the Faculty–noting it as one of the key factors that make the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine unique and competitive.

“Collaboration is the future of medicine,” added Dr. Chaput. “We bring you all together across programs and disciplines because we are all in it for patient care.”

One such opportunity is the University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine, the Faculty’s bilingual peer-reviewed student-led graduate and medical student journal, which showcases the work of Anglophone and Francophone students in MD and graduate programs.

“I highly encourage you all to push your learning beyond your own disciplines and specialties to reach out to peers outside of your specific programs,” advised Dr. Stintzi.

“Diversity only makes us stronger,” said Dr. Denis-LeBlanc, who encouraged Francophones to help Anglophones speak French in their daily interactions. “As a bilingual community, you will all be exposed to francophone patients and colleagues at some point in your career, and understanding their culture will be vital.”

Dr. Couture, who leads the Honours Bachelor in Translational and Molecular Medicine program, added that connecting the work of scientific research with patient care delivery is a crucial strength of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine community.

Visit the Faculty’s official Flickr account to view the Welcome Orientation photo album.


Faculty of Medicine Orientation 2019

Photo credit : Chonglu Huang


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