Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc


Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc
Vice-Dean, Francophone Affairs

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4373
Work E-mail: manon.denisleblanc@uottawa.ca

Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc


Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc graduated from the MD program at the University of Ottawa in 1997. She went on to pursue studies in family medicine at Montfort Hospital and completed her residency there in 1999. Afterwards, she established a practice in St. Isidore, the small rural community in Eastern Ontario where she grew up. She has continued to provide primary care to some 1,400 patients while pursuing a parallel practice at the Montfort Hospital.

Having always been interested in teaching, she soon became involved in creating a completely Francophone medical studies program at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. She was therefore one of the pioneers, first as a student and then as a doctor, of the team that would in 1995 become the Faculty’s Office of Francophone Affairs (OFA). Over the years, she has successfully contributed to a number of OFA initiatives, such as the mini-courses that introduce medical principles to the general public, both across Ontario and throughout Canada. She was also involved in establishing clerkships at Montfort Hospital and set up clerkship positions for Francophones in satellite locations such as Hawkesbury and Shawville. She directed clerkships before become clerkship co-director from 2004 to 2006.

Following a time in which she cut back on her professional activities to focus more on her children, she decided to hone her leadership skills. She took on a number of projects to improve efficiency and quality (LEAN Management initiatives at Montfort Hospital and the Champion program for Health Quality Ontario). She has also been active in projects involving the migration of electronic files (HealthScreen, PSS, Telus, Meditech). In parallel, she continued to develop her teaching skills and offered a number of workshops and presentations at conferences and symposia. In 2010, she was appointed chair of the scientific committee for Journées Montfort, a well-known Francophone medical conference aimed at professional development, which is held in Ontario and attracts over 250 physicians and health care professionals every year.

Although she had been very involved in the OFA for several years, in 2015 she began taking on major responsibilities there by assisting the vice-dean of francophone affairs in preparation for a leadership role. In August 2017, Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc was named interim vice-dean of Francophone Affairs. She became vice-dean of Francophone Affairs in May, 2019.


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