Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc


Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc
Vice-Dean, Francophone Affairs

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4373
Work E-mail: manon.denisleblanc@uottawa.ca

Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc


Dr. Manon Denis-LeBlanc graduated from the MD program at the University of Ottawa in 1997. She went on to pursue her studies at this same university with a family medicine residency at Montfort Hospital, which was completed in 1999. She practises in her home town of St. Isidore, a small rural community in Ontario. She has continued to provide care for some 1450 patients for 21 years, while maintaining a hospital practice at Montfort since the very beginning.


Having always been interested in education, she soon became involved in creating a completely francophone medical studies program at the University of Ottawa. First as a student and then as a doctor, she was part of the team that would become the Office of Francophone Affairs (OFA) in 1995. Bedside teaching remains her teaching activity of choice, having welcomed more than 150 learners to date. Then, in 2017, she became Vice-Dean of Francophone Affairs in the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine. Passionate about la Francophonie, she leads a team that is equally passionate about promoting its language and culture throughout the Faculty. In addition to overseeing the development of francophones, Dr. Denis-LeBlanc strongly encourages francophilia among her peers and aims for excellence in current programs at all levels. She also has the ambition to create a brand new training program for francophone pharmacists, a first of its kind outside Quebec.

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