Faculty of Medicine COVID-19 Recognition Program

The COVID-19 Recognition Program was launched to recognize the heroism, selflessness, dedication, and productivity of individuals and teams across the Faculty during the pandemic. Members of the Faculty of Medicine community were invited to share stories of those who went above and beyond in two streams:

Stream 1: Exceptional achievements in productivity/operations, recognizing individuals and/or teams that produced significant results while facing roadblocks and unknowns.

Stream 2: Outstanding humanitarian efforts, recognizing the competencies most valued during a crisis, such as commitment, resiliency, compassion, integrity and resolve; and honouring individuals and/or teams who have positively impacted the lives of their co-workers during the isolation period of COVID-19.

We are happy to share shortened versions of these stories below, in the language it which they were submitted. Some of the nominated individuals and teams were highlighted for special recognition during the Faculty of Medicine’s Virtual Awards of Excellence Ceremony on December 15, 2020. The summaries of these stories have been posted in both languages.

As the stories were submitted in the summer, there have undoubtedly been countless additional efforts and achievements.

Thank you to everyone who persisted in the face of the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and to all those who took the time to share these remarkable stories!

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